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Meet Kelsey!


Most Likely to – Be caught by a cow catcher

Favourite Meal So Far – The tandoori chicken from Villa Shanti

Fun Fact #1 –  Kelsey was the first person to give in and feed the dogs, so kind

Fun Fact #2 – Kelsey LIVES for masala chai with milk (not an exaggeration)

Fun Fact #3 – She is constantly cracking every single bone in her body, not quite sure what’s going on there but we hope she books a massage once our project course comes to an end…

Kelsey made the decision to stick around Queen’s after completing her undergraduate degree in Geography, forever a gael! She was also the brave soul who volunteered to be the Logistics Coordinator, and for that, we are all extraordinarily grateful. Let’s be real here, without her none of us would ever get anywhere on time, or anywhere at all really as she is the only one who has mastered the car ordering service here in Auroville.  Kelsey has also taken on the role of snack queen, always bringing out cookies, chips, tea, and other treats for the team. Between her and Ajay, we most definitely do not go hungry. Everyone morning at 10am and every afternoon at 4pm you will most likely see Kelsey sprinting to the dining hall for a fresh cup of chai, with the rest of the team following close behind.



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