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Day 14: final presentation!!!!!

Wow. After two weeks conducting research in Auroville and studying tourism impact management the past three months at SURP, the team gave its final presentation here in Auroville today.

The morning was spent finalizing our report sections, our Framework, and our presentation. Needless to say, it was a very busy morning! Ajay shared with the team that individuals were now being turned away from our presentation due to capacity issues of the room, no pressure! However, as Sarah Butt and Carling Fraser would say “diamonds are made under pressure” and the team most definitely created a diamond with the Framework that has been completed here in Auroville. The team has worked so hard through all the trials and tribulations of interviews and data collection, power outages, and internet issues. Despite all of this, every morning at 8am the team was ready to go and tackle the day ahead with nothing but smiles on their faces and full cups of masala chai with milk!

The presentation went wonderfully!!!!!!!! The team heard many great comments from the audience, but overall it was most definitely a success as the the recommendations were well received. Shout out to Nadia for putting together the final presentation and to Kass and Alanna for presenting our research findings and Framework to the Auroville community.

The team celebrated their successes with a night on the town in Puducherry! We started off grabbing some commemorative drinks at La Villa. Some of the orders included Mojitos, Margaritas, Mint Coolers with Gin, Tea yo rita, Mai Tai, white wine, scotch, and many others!  The team then made the short walk to Villa Shanti for one of the most delicious meals of the trip. The food, once again was incredible, with the orders being butter chicken, tandoor paneer, tandoori tiger prawns, lamb and eggplant something, ginger chicken, and garlic naan (of course). What kind of celebration meal does not contain dessert?! The team finished the meal with  Crème Brulee for some and baileys for others, or both.




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