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Day 13: hi mom! still here!

Another day spent at the guest house working away! Today was our last full day working on our report and presentation, as the team presents our research and Framework in Auroville tomorrow at 4pm. It is so hard to believe how far we have come since leaving Canada two weeks ago, time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

The team split up work tasks today, with Kassidee spearheading implementation, Alanna and Nadia working on the PowerPoint, Vanessa spending her time on the report, Carling and Kelsey writing away with Sarah making all those necessary edits. Natalie in the meantime was being interviewed by Auroville Today (5 seconds of fame holllllllla) while organizing our never-ending to-do list and supporting the team where possible.

After an afternoon of studies and samosas, the team took a much-needed break and went on a walk of the Matrimandir grounds with Lalit. We spent some time meditating at the Lotus Pond and walked through the multiple gardens that are located on the grounds. Its safe to say that apart from the Matrimandir itself, the garden with the incredible water feature was the team’s favourite part.

The team was quite upset that tonight is our last guest house dinner (and my goodness it was so delicious, the best meal yet!). The ladies here have been so welcoming and kind, it will be a bittersweet moment as we all go on separate ways on Sunday. It is going to be a late night tonight, the team are constantly shifting gears, helping each other wherever possible and completing individual tasks. Thankfully Ajay has provided the team with much-needed coffee and the ladies at the guest house made us a fresh pot of black tea, as well as we have started a snack collection with our favourite cookies and ‘American Cream and Onion’ chips – keep calm and carry on!





~*Cow Pic of the Day*~



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