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Meet Kass!



Most Likely to – Be spotted at the Sunday market from afar because of her beautiful blonde hair

Favourite Meal So Far – Gobi Manchurian (a spicy and crispy Indo Chinese dish made of deep fried cauliflower)

Fun Fact #1 –  Kass is the bravest person thus far, on our first full day in Auroville she rode on the back of a scooter without a single hesitation

Fun Fact #2 – Not all hero’s wear capes – she risked her life to save a snail cross the road

Fun Fact #3 – Kass has been the only student to wear any SURP gear while in Auroville #QGAPSPRES

Kass graduated in Environment and Physical Geography from Nipissing University. Kass is also the go-to for planning information, as she has worked in multiple planning jobs at both a provincial and municipal level. This fountain of knowledge has significantly helped with our report and research, as she always has an answer for the team, no matter the question. Kass also has the best travel stories (going to a random city with nothing booked? Are you crazy??) and we are so grateful that we will be sharing this Auroville experience and story with her!


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