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Day 11: Temple Run

Day 11 went by in the blink of an eye. Kelsey, Carling and Nadia had a taste of fame this morning when they were interviewed by Auroville Radio. Nat, Vanessa and Kass had their Matrimandir experience, which left Nat feeling more in touch with her spirituality than ever. Meanwhile, Alanna and Sarah completed the team’s final interview.

Around noon, the team gathered together for a trip to the Auroville Bakery and an exciting outing. The group mowed down on some pizza and treats, then piled into the SUV for the drive to Mamallapuram to visit Shore Temple, overlooking the Bay of Bengal. After paying a few hundred rupees and hoisting their backpacks on frontwards, the team was ready to explore Shore. The 8th century AD temple is comprised of four different sites which all left the team equally awestruck. It contains intricate carvings and lots of opportunities for a good ol’ tourist photo op.

On the two hour ride home, a few team members snuck in a much-needed nap and stop at the corner store for snacks.

வரவா (till next time)

xoxo the girls

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~*Cow Pic of the Day*~



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