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And we are off!

Today is the day that at times we have been looking forward to, but now that it is finally here, we are all sad that it is happening. Auroville has been a wonderful home for us the last two weeks, but new adventures await!

The travels of the team:

Auroville – Candolim – New Delhi – Jaipur – Chennai – London – Toronto


Auroville – Candolim – New Delhi – Jaipur – Chennai – Kochi — Munnar — Thekaddy — Alleppey — Kochi – London – Toronto

Alanna and Kelsey

Auroville – Chennai – Mumbai – London – Toronto – North Bay


Auroville – Chennai – Bali – Malaysia– Singapore – Tokyo – Montreal


Auroville – Chennai – Jaipur – Udaipur – London – Toronto – Sudbury


Auroville – Chennai – Jaipur – Udaipur – London – Toronto

Carling and Sarah


We would like to say a special thank you to Lalit for all your guidance and support for this project and for showing us Auroville over the last two weeks. Thank you to Avinash, Shreya, and Pratyusha for all your help in the completion of our project, you all have been invaluable. Of course, thank you Ajay for being our fearless leader, your calm demeanour and provision of snacks has always been so appreciated!

Thank you to all our friends and family, and all of you who have been following this blog! We are all so appreciative of all the support and encouragement we have received from those back home and those we have met on our journeys.

This is not goodbye, it’s a see you later….in January …… on the 14th …. when everyone is invited to our final presentation at SURP!



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