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Meet Nadia!


Most Likely to – Shop until she drops

Favourite Meal So Far – Thai Coconut Prawn Curry at La Villa

Fun Fact #1 – Nadia exuberates confidence (this is key in our travels here….. we all need to be like Nadia)

Fun Fact #2-  Prior to this trip, Nadia has never been on an aeroplane

Fun Fact #3-  She can rock a Kurta like it is nobody’s business

Nadia completed her undergraduate degree at Concordia University, studying urban planning…. so she is truly one of the only urban planners amongst us (for now). Nadia is one of the Production Coordinator for this year’s project team and her eye for detail was most definitely on display when she created our phenomenal PowerPoint for our presentation both at SURP and here in Auroville. Her friendly and outgoing demeanour assisted the team in achieving impressive results at the kiosk that was run at the Visitor Centre.  You can always count on Nadia to capture the most interesting photos and will stop at nothing to photograph the tourists taking photographs. Its also key to mention that there is not a single funny photo of Nadia, she’s just too fly….. it just doesn’t exist….


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