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Meet Carling!


Most Likely to – Get asked to photograph other tourists (Honestly, we all try to pull a ‘Carling’ with our photo taking skills but alas, they are never as good as her images)

Favourite Meal So Far – All of the salads at the guest house (the pomegranate and apple one especially!!)

Fun Fact #1 –  Carling is absolutely in love with the guest house cat

Fun Fact #2- It was Carling’s birthday on our first full day here in Auroville!! She enjoyed a nice chocolate brownie to celebrate! (see photo for evidence)

Fun Fact #3 – Carling is the meme QUEEN, she and Natalie have this extensive meme chat on Instagram and she can reference memes off the top of her head like its nobody’s business

Carling graduated from the University of Toronto with majors in English, History, and Media – she’s basically a triple threat. Carling has been a wonderful member of the team, providing production input to both the report outline and the presentation. She was an integral part of the first presentation here in Auroville, answering all of the questions about our case studies (thanks to her thorough research and preparation) and helped with the facilitation of question period through her skills in audiovisual technology (she was the one passing the microphone around – KEY). Carling has rediscovered her love for cows and for that we are all so glad, after all, it was her idea for cow pic of the day!


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